At Least One of Trump’s “Under-Reported Terror Attacks” is a Fake, Started By Pamela Geller and Robert Spencer

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2/08/17 9:45:50 pm
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Our Deplorable In Chief included at least one murder in his list of “under-reported terror attacks” that was no terror attack at all. He exploited the death of this young woman for his own egomaniacal purposes. More: Mom of Slain Backpacker Slams Trump’s False Claim It Was a Terrorist …

Video: John Bolton Suggests Russian Election Hacks Were “False Flag” by Obama Administration

This is so bad
12/13/16 1:35:32 pm
re: #20 KGxvi Indeed, though one of the bigger problems (first world style) in the tropics is that you don't generally find good beer there. Hawaii is one exception, of course. (Yeah, I'm a hophead!)
Christopher Halloran /
Attack plotter Robert Doggart

Failed Congressional Candidate Pleads Guilty to Plotting Attack on Muslims

Hate speech has consequences
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5/20/15 3:49:19 am
re: #124 Amory Blaine No politician wanted to run the risk of being seen as soft on terrorism and most eveyone decided it was better to err on the side of cauthion. Bush and his administration knew that and got ...

Attackers at Pamela Geller’s Cartoon Event Were Actually Killed by a SWAT Team

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5/12/15 2:20:19 pm
re: #100 Justanotherhuman There comes a point where ones own actions - taking multiple mood altering drugs, assaulting pedestrians and more - cause one to move from innocent to threat. I'm sorry that someone's habits cost them their life but ...

Breitbart’s John Nolte Says Bill O’Reilly is Nuts, Pamela Geller Is Just Like Jesus

Nolte says Jesus was a vandal
5/10/15 3:18:11 am
The more the GOP degenerates into a horrible mess, the crazier their spokespeople become, the harder it is to tell the radical right from the old Stalinists.

Pamela Geller: Burmese Muslims Had It Coming

She really doesn’t believe in freedom or human rights.
5/07/15 8:36:11 am
re: #209 RabbitRunner So if I call you a bloviating rabid wingnut shit-stain and you retaliate by calling me an asshole, that means I'm right?

Pamela Geller’s Latest Anti-Muslim Ads Featuring Beheaded Journalist James Foley Are Pulled

Foley’s parents were disgusted and appalled
9/30/14 1:16:54 pm
re: #128 CriticalDragon1177 re: #238 CriticalDragon1177 Another update for you guys, PG1701, talks about how we "only discriminate" against Christians by not allowing people to discriminate against gay people, but still allowing Muslims to refuse to sell anything with pork ...

Pamela Geller: Hate Crimes Reporting Bill is “Creeping Sharia”

Been creepin’ for a long, long time
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4/24/14 7:04:39 am
Richard H. Hoggart, 95, 'Chatterley' Defender, Dies Richard H. Hoggart, a pioneering British cultural historian who was most widely known outside academia as the star witness for "Lady Chatterley's Lover" in a 1960 trial that ended British censorship of that ...

Breitbart “News:” Pat Dollard Should Not Call Himself a Contributor

So why is he listed as a columnist at Breitbart “News?”
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re: #121 Feline Fearless Leader Agreed, and I'm glad I got to meet the man at a convention in my teenage years.