Jeb Bush Tweets Picture of a Gun With the Word “America”

2/16/16 8:43:49 pm
re: #194 The Vicious Babushka That's still 'putative' baby daddy as far as I know. Considering Sarah Palin was out there stumping for Trump, this could possibly mean that all out war has been declared (and/or that MOH recipient Meyer ...

Donald Trump Does the Bible Pandering Dance at Values Voter Summit

Much pander, so nice
9/25/15 5:48:32 pm
re: #35 Backwoods_Sleuth I think Democrats need to make some kind of deal with the candidate who is the most fire-breathing conservative in the House: "We just want you to promise that you'll continue to be an unredeemable asshole. And ...

Obama Urges Parents to Vaccinate Kids, Chris Christie Says It’s a “Choice”

2/02/15 1:51:29 pm
re: #82 ObserverArt There probably were but it was a long time ago so I don't remember all of the stupidity on display. The anti-vaxx propaganda was what stood out in my mind since it is such paranoid bullshit.

The Most Ridiculous GOP Attack on #FreeCommunityCollege Yet

Hey kids, look at these GIFs! Who needs free college?
1/16/15 1:18:32 pm
re: #124 BeachDem I just watched 'Mean,' then clicked a couple more in the window when that was done. She really is fun to watch. You can tell that she doesn't take the whole pop star thing too seriously, which ...

Right Wing Blogger Chuck C. Johnson’s Appearance at a Birther Event With Orly Taitz

Pandering to the lowest common denominator of the right
274Jay in Oregon
10/13/14 9:13:24 am
If CCJ thinks that the names and addresses of people with Ebola should be published in the interest of public safety, does that mean he would support a public registry of gun owners? If not, why not?

Bobby Jindal’s First Post to Instagram: His Wife Shooting a Gun

Smell the pander
7/26/13 6:00:54 pm
re: #204 CuriousLurker Seriously. Just finished watching Season 2 and waiting for Season 3 to hit Netflix later in August. Really good show. Kind of interesting to see relatively accurate references to South Jersey and Philly sprinkled about. What's weird ...

Lindsey Graham Threatens to Hold National Security Nominees Hostage Over Benghazi Fake Outrage

Demented GOP obstructionism to continue
61Wayne A. Schneider
2/10/13 4:43:27 pm
I've said this before, but I think Lindsey Graham is still bitter because he knows he'll never get to be John McCain's First Lady.

Thune: “No Tax Increase” Pledges Are Meaningless

Bread and circuses, sans bread
10/07/11 4:16:25 pm
If you wanted a useful pledge on taxes, then it would be "I pledge only to vote for a budget if it increases the personal exemption to federal income tax by at least the rate of inflation". No more stealth ...