Video: Donald Trump “Reaches Out” to Black Voters With a Rap Song

Set “pandering” on stun
74Eric The Fruit Bat
4/19/16 5:34:43 pm
re: #44 lawhawk If I ever hit the lotto, I'd think I would get me one of those new little HondaJets.
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Here’s a little last minute pandering from Donald Trump on New York primary day, as he retweets a video from his “social media director” Dan Scavino with a lot of the same footage as the last pathetic video that tried to claim he’s supported by black and Hispanic voters. …

Donald Trump Does the Bible Pandering Dance at Values Voter Summit

Much pander, so nice
9/25/15 5:48:32 pm
re: #35 Backwoods_Sleuth I think Democrats need to make some kind of deal with the candidate who is the most fire-breathing conservative in the House: "We just want you to promise that you'll continue to be an unredeemable asshole. And ...
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The Most Ridiculous GOP Attack on #FreeCommunityCollege Yet

Hey kids, look at these GIFs! Who needs free college?
1/16/15 1:18:32 pm
re: #124 BeachDem I just watched 'Mean,' then clicked a couple more in the window when that was done. She really is fun to watch. You can tell that she doesn't take the whole pop star thing too seriously, which ...
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Right Wing Blogger Chuck C. Johnson’s Appearance at a Birther Event With Orly Taitz

Pandering to the lowest common denominator of the right
274Jay in Oregon
10/13/14 9:13:24 am
If CCJ thinks that the names and addresses of people with Ebola should be published in the interest of public safety, does that mean he would support a public registry of gun owners? If not, why not?
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