Donald Trump Is Really Going to Hate SNL’s Third Debate Parody

285retired cynic
10/23/16 10:08:28 pm
re: #117 CuriousLurker Way out of time on a dead thread, but he gave a wonderful interview on Fresh Air with Terry Gross. Worth looking up.

I have to admit I don’t watch Saturday Night Live regularly any more; for me, they lost their comedy mojo years ago, and only rarely does it come back. But last night it made one of those rare appearances, in a very funny parody of the third debate featuring …

Bad Lip Reading Remix: “MORE HUNGER GAMES”

“No, no, honey, don’t sing”
97Puss Power
11/28/14 6:03:59 pm
re: #95 wheat-dogghazi-bola-trality I'm not worked up about the inconvenience, I am sick of explaining to wingnut relatives that the cause of the demonstrators is worth supporting even if they block the subways (from which I conclude that this is ...