Pat Robertson’s Latest Crazed Tirade: Gays Are Going to Force You to Like Bestiality

Still crazy
150Wendell Zurkowitz (slave to the waffle light)
4/04/15 5:54:09 am
re: #62 thedopefishlives They get the message that sex is filthy and animalistic, which which is why you should save for marriage.
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Here’s fanatical old crocodile Pat Robertson again, weighing in on the Indiana “religious freedom” law with his carefully considered opinion that gays are going to force everyone to like anal sex and bestiality. I’ve never encountered anyone who thinks more about anal sex and bestiality than Pat Robertson.

Pat Robertson Fondly Recalls the Days When Gays Were Stoned to Death

Plus, paranoid Satan fantasies
3/27/14 8:17:00 am
re: #508 gwangung You make a very good and important point. Legal abortion is one of the safest medical procedures of all. What the religious right wants, put plainly, is to deny 21st-century medical care to 21st-century American women. This ...
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Pat Robertson, Just Asking Questions: “Is Obama a Crypto-Muslim?”

It would be irresponsible not to ask
7/16/13 7:47:13 pm
re: #219 thedopefishlives My dad saw the Birds in Argentina. F-100 Super Sabre. Also met President Eisenhower briefly. He was drafted into the AAF for 2 years. Used to sneak out of the barracks at night to meet with me ...
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Pat Robertson: Simple Africans More Likely to Experience Miracles Than Over-Educated Americans

We’re missing out by not being ignorant
4/03/13 7:06:19 am
re: #143 Targetpractice Remember kids: Half of Americans are of below average intelligence, mathematically. / Zero empathy, sympathy, or ability to understand other points of view until their noses are rubbed into one forcefully.
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Obama’s Picks for EPA and DOE Drive the Right Into a Frenzy

Like everything else Obama does
312Obdicut (Now with 2% less brain)
3/06/13 9:46:28 am
re: #311 Destro So why are you quoting as an authority a guy who thought Ronald Reagan was a liberator of nations? Does that sound like a credible source to you?