Pat Robertson: Gays and Islamists Are Allies, “Let Them Kill Themselves”

Phony expressions of sympathy are not for Pat Robertson
6/14/16 7:16:52 pm
re: #156 Charles Johnson Not mine - PA Senator Pat Toomey is on board the Trump train. And as he's up for re-election this fall, I hope it takes him over the cliff with it.

The true colors of the religious right didn’t take long to show, after the horrific attack on a gay club in Orlando. Today, Pat Robertson dispenses with the phony sympathy altogether, and says gays and Islamists are allies, so good Christians like him should just “sit on the sidelines …

Pat Robertson Says, Don’t Worry - Gay Marriage Is Still Illegal

Pay no attention to the Supreme Court
10/26/15 12:19:52 pm
re: #14 The Vicious Babushka Do they honestly not understand that they have it exactly backwards? It's the laws *against* abortion that subject women to slavery. The idea that my internal organs -- my uterus, my kidneys, my thyroid, the ...

Pat Robertson Fondly Recalls the Days When Gays Were Stoned to Death

Plus, paranoid Satan fantasies
3/27/14 8:17:00 am
re: #508 gwangung You make a very good and important point. Legal abortion is one of the safest medical procedures of all. What the religious right wants, put plainly, is to deny 21st-century medical care to 21st-century American women. This ...

Robertson: Gay People Deliberately Spread HIV/AIDS by Cutting People With Special Rings

8/27/13 7:27:10 pm
re: #12 William Barnett-Lewis No, more like the Orange Light of Avarice. Sinestro's Yellow Lantern Corps is based on Fear, right enough, but paradoxically the setting of Fear against Will means that a being wielding a yellow ring needs a ...

Pat Robertson, Just Asking Questions: “Is Obama a Crypto-Muslim?”

It would be irresponsible not to ask
7/16/13 7:47:13 pm
re: #219 thedopefishlives My dad saw the Birds in Argentina. F-100 Super Sabre. Also met President Eisenhower briefly. He was drafted into the AAF for 2 years. Used to sneak out of the barracks at night to meet with me ...

Pat Robertson: Simple Africans More Likely to Experience Miracles Than Over-Educated Americans

We’re missing out by not being ignorant
4/03/13 7:06:19 am
re: #143 Targetpractice Remember kids: Half of Americans are of below average intelligence, mathematically. / Zero empathy, sympathy, or ability to understand other points of view until their noses are rubbed into one forcefully.

Obama’s Picks for EPA and DOE Drive the Right Into a Frenzy

Like everything else Obama does
312Obdicut (Now with 2% less brain)
3/06/13 9:46:28 am
re: #311 Destro So why are you quoting as an authority a guy who thought Ronald Reagan was a liberator of nations? Does that sound like a credible source to you?

Shock: Pat Robertson Is Not a Young Earth Creationist

You read that right
11/28/12 7:43:35 am
I think all that mary jane that Pat's been smoking is having the unintended effect of gasp! expanding his mind. How fun would that be to be doing bonghits with ol' Pat, I wonder what kind of munchies he's got ...

Did God Troll Pat Robertson?

U mad bro?
11/21/12 5:44:45 pm
re: #120 freetoken Fort Wayne, Indiana. Part of Creationism-land. What's sad is the writer is a high school journalist who is not exercising her journalistic "doubt everything" muscles, or maybe she hasn't learned she has them yet. The first comment ...

Robert Spencer Joins Pat Robertson: The Media Loves Radical Islam

When bigoted loons get together
262The Ghost of a Flea
8/03/11 8:54:45 pm
Elisha uses bears to kill people who mocked his bald spot. Bryan Fischer wants to kill all the bears. Therefore, Bryan Fischer is planning some unspeakable crime against bald people.

Pat Robertson: Muslims = Nazis

‘Why is it bigoted to resist Nazis?’
5/31/11 5:49:42 pm
re: #142 Scarecrow237 That the very existence of "the other" in their is considered an imposition is...telling. And it's not telling anything good. I will never for the life of me be able to understand the fear of diversity—to me, ...