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John McCain Was Horribly Dissed by Trump. Now He’s Supporting Trump.

Knuckling under
6/05/16 1:15:10 pm
re: #502 darthstar I saw a metallic green version of your truck in Brooklyn last night, and almost went looking for a dog in the back

This is why I could never be a politician. Donald Trump infamously insulted Senator John McCain to the very core of his being with a grotesque statement about McCain’s time as a prisoner of war (during which he was mercilessly tortured): “I like people that weren’t captured.” And now …

The Most Ridiculous GOP Attack on #FreeCommunityCollege Yet

Hey kids, look at these GIFs! Who needs free college?
1/16/15 1:18:32 pm
re: #124 BeachDem I just watched 'Mean,' then clicked a couple more in the window when that was done. She really is fun to watch. You can tell that she doesn't take the whole pop star thing too seriously, which ...