Video: Ben Carson Is OK w/ Trump Calling Him Child Molester: “You Have to Admit, It Worked”

3/16/16 6:42:16 pm
re: #331 Nyet Holy fuck.
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Here’s a frankly amazing statement from creationist former candidate Ben Carson, who says he completely understands why Donald Trump compared him to a “child molester” — because it worked. You know, I think there really is something wrong with Dr. Sleepy.

The Most Ridiculous GOP Attack on #FreeCommunityCollege Yet

Hey kids, look at these GIFs! Who needs free college?
1/16/15 1:18:32 pm
re: #124 BeachDem I just watched 'Mean,' then clicked a couple more in the window when that was done. She really is fun to watch. You can tell that she doesn't take the whole pop star thing too seriously, which ...
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