Trump Is Attacking the US Justice System: “A Joke” and “A Laughing Stock”

469retired cynic
11/01/17 7:42:34 pm
re: #336 KGxvi But that was for W, not his dad.

Our so-called president Donald Trump has been tweeting a non-stop series of fear-mongering comments after the terror attack in Manhattan, pushing his ban on immigration and lashing out at Chuck Schumer, parroting a talking point from his favorite Fox News propaganda show, Fox & Friends (of course). Now he’s even …

Video: Sen. Bob Corker’s Scathing Comments on Trump: “He Debases Our Country”

468William Lewis
10/24/17 6:46:42 pm
re: #467 Stanley Sea Just like ham & pineapple - either in a pot or on a pizza. It's a good flavor combination. The other thing that works well with either ham or a roast is applesauce or a slow ...