On the RNC Platform Finding NSA Programs Unconstitutional

Hypocrisy and political pandering in action.
459unproven innocence
1/24/14 10:43:52 pm
re: #376 Kid A I'm guessing checkerboard tat guy is protesting widespread use of automated facial recognition surveillance tech. It resembles pixelation. Unfortunately, it's also somewhat unique (for now).

The Republican National Committee is claiming that the USA Patriot Act’s NSA provisions are now unconstitutional? Really? And they want investigations too? The full text of the resolution is here. It would be laughable if it weren’t so pathetically politically motivated. Back in 2001, Congress overwhelmingly approved the Patriot Act: …

Greenwald on the Amash Amendment: Obama Is Literally in Cahoots With GOP

XXX Outrage Porn
708Eventual Carrion
7/26/13 11:32:58 am
re: #649 Gus Better be careful, I collect every call that comes into the dealerships that run my software. I get it off the SMDR PBX record, parse the record and put the METADATA into a database. The sales staff ...