Oath Keepers head Stewart Rhodes

Oath Keepers Militia Leader Fantasizes About Civil War on Far Right Radio: Obama Wants ‘Dead Cops’ in Oregon

132Wendell Zurkowitz ((slave to the waffle light))
1/14/16 1:35:20 pm
re: #89 The Vicious Babushka Trump should not give a shit about those sailors: only losers let themselves get captured...

The rhetoric of the far right “Patriot” movement reveals a deeply disturbed and dangerous world view. Here’s Oath Keepers founder Stewart Rhodes (recently disbarred from practicing law in Montana) on an extremist radio show called “The Common Sense Show,” fantasizing about civil war.

Breitbart.com Partners With 9/11 Truther to Cover Gettysburg Anniversary

A partnership that had to be
6/30/13 10:40:22 pm
Charles Johnson I'm kind of surprised by this actually. Isn't Breitbart one of those sites obsessed with attacking and demonizing Muslims? 9/11 "truth" maybe about as ridiculous as any of the anti Muslim conspiracy theories they promote, but promoting the ...