Read of the Day: Neal Rauhauser, Brett Kimberlin, and a Right Wing Blueprint

How wingnuts abused positions of privilege to pursue political vendettas
11/20/12 10:24:34 am
re: #56 OsborneInk From what I've seen, you also have been involved in some blog-stupid, and tweet-stupid. Not good.

Here, my friends, is the fascinating tale of Neal Rauhauser, Brett Kimberlin, and a Right Wing Blueprint. With lots of details about some extremely sleazy and very real conspiracies to cause real harm to real people. Starring Andrew Breitbart, and also featuring Los Angeles Deputy District Attorney Patrick Frey (aka …

On Killgore Trout’s Protest Against Racist Comments

My last statement on a right wing fairytale
461Patricia Kayden
4/17/12 5:37:02 am
Is Patterico claiming that all/most of the racist comments found on rightwing websites have been planted by Charles or Killgore? Then ban Charles/Killgore from commenting and moderate comments to ensure that racist comments are not posted. Patterico is obviously not ...

Wingnut Blog Fail of the Day: Aaron Worthing

‘Something called UTC, probably Asian’
4/18/11 10:23:11 pm
re: #101 boredtechindenver I can imagine that in Worthing's terminal state of ignorance he would associate it with Zulu warriors throwing spears at God-fearing white people, and make a free-association with Obama in the White House.

Full Context: Glenn Beck’s ‘Shoot Them in the Head’ Rant

1/26/11 3:11:06 pm
Obdicut, Fair enough, I'm glad you don't blame the beck, palin, etc didn't instigate this tragedy. I agree they are idiots. But I do believe many others and initially this site did Cheers and thanks for your engagement and honesty ...

When Lying Right Wing Hacks Attack (or, Patterico the Idiot)

1/22/11 6:41:51 am
After seeing the longer clip, I find it even more appalling. More context reveals that it is not just a poorly chosen metaphor, but part of a deeply paranoid, chillingly insane rant. A modern-day Father Coughlin. The man is seriously ...