GOP Rebranding Watch: Paul Ryan Walks Back His Thinly Veiled Race-Baiting

3/13/14 1:44:57 pm
re: #177 Targetpractice It was a very tight race, neither candidate mentioned Obamacare in any of their ads, and it's been a Republican district for decades.
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After making some of the usual disgusting Republican comments about lazy “inner city” men (do I need to translate that for you?), today Paul Ryan is issuing the standard GOP non-apology apology; he says he was “inarticulate.” Ryan’s problem, of course, was really the exact opposite of being inarticulate. He …

Onion Week in Review: Paul Ryan Smiles, Thumbs Up Way Through Question About Tax Plan

Also: Justice Ginsburg throws party while 120-year old parents away for weekend
10/15/12 7:48:00 am
re: #22 engineer cat one-third of lower income people support Romney. It isn't just that they're stupid. It's that there are a ton of mostly religious people in this country who really do believe that enormous wealth makes you a ...
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Religious Right Craziness on Steroids: Hillary Clinton Is Plotting to Shut Down Churches and Synagogues

9/15/12 12:26:57 pm
And all this time I was hoping we were going to really atart doing GREAT things..people in general, advancing. Curiosity, is ready to stretch its legs! NetZero, a forward looking group, is going to revolutionize all a sorts of things. ...
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Paul Ryan Running Away From Todd Akin

18Shiplord Kirel
8/22/12 11:36:54 am
re: #15 Kragar Spiro Agnew, 1972, but probably written by William Safire. Safire and Patrick Buchanan were the brains behind many of Agnew's famous droplets of alliterative wisdom, including "impudent corps of effete snobs" and "hopeless, hysterical hypochondriacs of history." ...
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Romney Says Akin’s Comment ‘Inexcusable,’ but Paul Ryan Joined Akin to Try to Redefine Rape

Todd Akin’s mistake: saying it out loud
8/20/12 5:57:12 pm
re: #56 Kragar Comparing Akin to Witherspoon is a big stretch. Witherspoon was influential; Akin will be but a sorry footnote in American political history. And while Barton here is idolizing Witherspoon, I suspect he would reject Witherspoon's religion as ...
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