Paul Ryan Threatens to Sue Donald Trump Over His Bizarre Anti-Muslim Immigration Ban

Bad craziness
6/18/16 6:50:08 am
re: #228 MsJ A good attorney team (plaintiff or defense) knows a successful trial is good theater. You gotta entertain the jury. If the jury gets bored, they will quit paying attention.
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You just gotta look at this and marvel at how insane the Republican presidential race has become. The GOP Speaker of the House is now talking about suing their own presumptive nominee over his bizarre, openly bigoted plan to ban Muslim immigration. And yet, he still wants to see …

Onion Week in Review: Paul Ryan Smiles, Thumbs Up Way Through Question About Tax Plan

Also: Justice Ginsburg throws party while 120-year old parents away for weekend
10/15/12 7:48:00 am
re: #22 engineer cat one-third of lower income people support Romney. It isn't just that they're stupid. It's that there are a ton of mostly religious people in this country who really do believe that enormous wealth makes you a ...
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Religious Right Craziness on Steroids: Hillary Clinton Is Plotting to Shut Down Churches and Synagogues

9/15/12 12:26:57 pm
And all this time I was hoping we were going to really atart doing GREAT things..people in general, advancing. Curiosity, is ready to stretch its legs! NetZero, a forward looking group, is going to revolutionize all a sorts of things. ...
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