Trumpcare Is a Massive Scam to Redistribute Wealth From the Poor to the Very Rich

Villains are in charge of the US
3/13/17 8:13:22 pm
re: #29 EPR-radar re: #22 nines09 " You can always say that if Paul Ryan happened to be choking to death on a chicken bone, you would walk to get help. Let me check my Google map....hmmm......ok...there is a clinic ...
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Trump Refuses to Endorse Paul Ryan and John McCain in GOP Primaries

The great uniter
490Aucun pays pour les vieux ennemis
8/02/16 7:51:24 pm
re: #480 MsJ And of course if you look at the comments under any Trump related tweet, you find the "cuck" creeps. Note that they think virtue is bad. They've stopped pretending to be any kind of reasonable person, and ...

GOP Rebranding Watch: Paul Ryan Walks Back His Thinly Veiled Race-Baiting

3/13/14 1:44:57 pm
re: #177 Targetpractice It was a very tight race, neither candidate mentioned Obamacare in any of their ads, and it's been a Republican district for decades.

At Florida Fundraiser, Paul Ryan Mocks ‘War on Women’

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10/19/12 11:13:35 am
re: #476 Sheila Broflovski I joked to our desktop IT support guy once that I'd broken the cup holder on my office desktop. He semi-freaked out until I told him that * *knew* it was a CD drive and not ...

Onion Week in Review: Paul Ryan Smiles, Thumbs Up Way Through Question About Tax Plan

Also: Justice Ginsburg throws party while 120-year old parents away for weekend
10/15/12 7:48:00 am
re: #22 engineer cat one-third of lower income people support Romney. It isn't just that they're stupid. It's that there are a ton of mostly religious people in this country who really do believe that enormous wealth makes you a ...