FL GOP Congressional Candidate: Liberals Will “Set Up Concentration Camps for Christians” Like Nazis Did to Jews

359D Koch
7/16/15 9:11:02 pm
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Following the removal of the Confederate battle flag from the grounds of the South Carolina Capitol, Breitbart “editor” John Nolte launched a frenzied deluge of hateful comments on Twitter; dozens and dozens of crazed tweets like this one: I just happened to be looking through his timeline when I saw …

Right Wing Media Already Misleading About Obama’s Prayer Breakfast Comments

Right wing media defend using Christianity to justify Jim Crow & Spanish Inquisition
130The Very Reverend Battleaxe of Knowledge
2/05/15 3:11:23 pm
re: #92 #FergusonFireside Well, rinderpest is as old as cattle-herding, maybe...but measles didn't mutate from it till the 10th or 11th Century A.D. Meanwhile rinderpest has been eradicated since there are no antivaxxer cows.
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Todd Akin Tells World Net Daily the Media Makes Fun of Him Because They Want to Destroy America

The wingnuttiest
7/24/14 1:59:11 pm
re: #79 Skip Intro Oh yeah, cause switching from one aspect of something they totally don't get and don't really care about (women health in particular and women in general) to another aspect of said something is bound to work ...
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RNC Spokesman on Cliven Bundy: Conservatives Are the Real Victims

A fine whine
189Patricia Kayden
4/25/14 2:59:57 pm
re: #14 Varek Raith Exactly. We would never have heard about Cliven Bundy unless Hannity, Fox News, Rightwing media and Republican politicians had not brought him to our attention as a hero, patriot and Gandhi-like figure. As Ms. Morrisette asked: ...
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Definitely the Dumbest Right Wing Rant of the Week: Todd Starnes on “Hispanic Cheese”

Fox News star lapses into paranoid fugue state while shopping
445Jay in Oregon
3/28/14 9:39:13 am
Yes, Todd, big government is going to segregate our food by ethnicity and bust you if you go to the wrong aisle in the grocery store for violating "tolerance and diversity regulations". FFS. That column is ample evidence that it's ...
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Fear the bristling Gohmert
73Mentis Fugit
5/16/13 6:52:09 pm
re: #5 Bubblehead II Greenslade: Mr EcclesGohmert we are not for one moment doubting your sincerity, it's just your intelligence that's in question. EcclesGohmert: Well I accept your apology. Roos loose in the top paddock. The wheel is spinning but ...
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GOP Congressmen Who Fall for Everything Fall for Another Fox News Fantasy

They just love to feel persecuted
5/04/13 2:30:18 pm
Gohmert is indeed a stupid, depraved, poor excuse for a man, but I would feel better about these posts that Charles features if I believed he was "falling" for anything. Though stupid, these right wing extremists are smart enough to ...
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Romney Whines: The Media Are Persecuting Me to Divert Attention From the Economy

The ever-popular “left wing media” persecution fantasy
7/31/12 6:42:27 pm
re: #4 Kragar You might nit agree that what he would do is better, however he has put forth many "documentable" ideas that he thinks would be better. In fact he put out a commercial listing them. Did you miss ...
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