Richard Muller: I Was Wrong on Climate Change

Yale Climate Forum - Peter Sinclair
1/26/15 6:14:04 pm
To be fair to Muller, Berkeley Earth addressed a lot of the complaints people have had about the temperature record for years: lack of random sampling, opaque homogenization methods, etc. BEST is now the most thorough temperature analysis done and ...
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I’m thinking back to all the climate trolls who used to throw this guy in my face when arguing with them… Related: Deniers’ Review Supports Scientific Consensus on Global Warming - Right Wing Sad Video: Climate Change Study Deals Crushing Blow to Denial Machine The Conversion of a Climate Change …

Video: What the Ice Cores Tell Us, and How Deniers Distort It

Greenland vs. Antarctica
3/01/11 5:44:06 am
re: #17 copernic ". . . climate deniers have pointed to higher temperatures in Greenland ice cores and decried that this local data is indicative of higher global temperatures in the past." So, that is why Peter Sinclair says, at ...