WATCH LIVE: Hillary Clinton, President Obama and Michelle Obama Rally at Philadelphia’s Independence Hall

At least 30,000 people waiting for this event
570I Would Prefer Not To
11/08/16 3:51:09 am
Voting in brooklyn.

UPDATE at 11/7/16 5:52:05 pm by Charles Johnson Here’s a transcript of Bruce Springsteen’s powerful statement: UPDATE at 11/7/16 6:40:43 pm by Charles Johnson

Amtrak Trainer: Outside Force Likely Cause of Crash - UPDATE: Asst. Conductor: Engineer Said Train Had Been Struck

A possible explanation?
5/15/15 5:37:30 pm
It doesn't matter if we imagine that in some cases we're nearly 100% sure. There is a slippery slope here, because these "sure" cases still open door to death penalty in case of innocence. After all, all verdicts in criminal ...

Huge Right Wing Fake Outrage of the Day: There Is No Gosnell “Coverup”

The anti-choice right drives women into the arms of criminals like Kermit Gosnell
107Obdicut (Now with 2% less brain)
4/12/13 5:27:24 pm
re: #104 Hal_10000 By the way, you never backed up your claim that none of the women who got late-term abortions at Gosnell's clinics did so because their lives were in danger. Can you please back up this claim?