Mind-Bending 4K Video of the Andromeda Galaxy: The Largest Photo Ever Taken

Makes you feel small, don’t it?
1/23/15 11:19:08 am
re: #527 klystron I haz snow falling here right now. I keep telling it to head west, but it's not listening to me...
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You’ll leave this video with a sense of how unimaginably vast the universe is. This isn’t CGI, and it isn’t animation, it’s the largest photograph of the universe ever taken by the Hubble Space Telescope — and it’s just a small portion of the Andromeda Galaxy, our nearest galactic …

Striking Time-Lapse Photography: Namibian Nights

Fairytale-like quivertrees and eerie dead camelthorn trees
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2/10/13 3:15:53 am
re: #21 Killgore Trout Nope. The main complains from OWS about the bailouts was not that they happened at all, but that there weren't any strings attached, that there weren't any large-scale prosecutions, that there wasn't anything being set up ...
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