Electronic Virtuoso Nils Frahm Live at Montreux Jazz Festival: “All Melody”

303gocart mozart
2/12/18 4:19:43 pm
White House says it’s common for security clearance to take a year.1. It’s not. Unusual, even for Regular Janes and Joes.2. It verges on Black Swan territory for top-rankers like Kushner & Porter, who cut the line.3. *May* mean ...

A History Lesson From Randy Newman: “The Great Nations of Europe”

Covering the last 400 years of Western civilization in two minutes and 48 seconds
5/26/16 7:13:45 am
"Some bug from out of Africa might come for you and me" Beautiful the way he sings that line. Now, let's get some walls built to protect our Little Europe, and all the Little Europes of the world.

NPR Tiny Desk Concert: Simone Dinnerstein, Bach Two-Part Inventions

6/08/14 7:10:29 pm
re: #222 RealityBasedSteve The apps should be re-downloadable at no cost as you have already purchased them. Should more extreme measures be necessary, even tho we do forensic work on handhelds, we send the wet-dead and near-dead handhelds to a ...

Tuesday Afternoon Music: Pat Metheny and Brad Mehldau, ‘All The Things You Are’

9/08/09 6:43:42 pm
re: #129 Dark_Falcon I'm sorry you got hammered for that. Perhaps you can forward this message for me- austin_blue will only unlimber his rilfle to defend his neighborhood against enemies foreign and domestic. He does not rent out his services. ...

Monday Night Music: Keith Jarrett Trio: ‘With a Song in My Heart’

395Abu Al-Poopypants
8/31/09 11:46:10 pm
re: #4 HoosierHoops Could be my favorite band: Ralph Towner - guitar, keyboards Paul McCandless - woodwinds Glen Moore - bass Collin Walcott - percussion, sitar (died in 84) Trilok Gurtu - percussion (87-93) Mark Walker - drums (97-present) Conventional ...