Gingrich on Melania Trump Plagiarism: Nobody Cares Because She’s “Stunningly Attractive”

“Who cares?”
331Barefoot Grin
7/20/16 5:22:14 pm
re: #132 Skip Intro That's Judith Miller, right?

And now, here’s Newt Gingrich saying nobody cares if Melania Trump plagiarized her speech because she’s “stunningly attractive.”

The 3 Most Amazing And/Or Ridiculous Republican Attempts to Deny Melania Trump’s Plagiarism

Blatant plagiarism followed by shameless lying
7/19/16 5:06:24 pm
re: #111 bratwurst I suspect those clauses were drafted with the idea that Ailes would be leaving for another, possibly new, network, not being tossed out on his keister for being scum. I can't imagine where on TV they would ...

Trump Campaign Denies Melania Plagiarized Michelle Obama, Blames Hillary Clinton

The party of personal responsibility
7/19/16 3:33:22 pm
re: #302 The Very Reverend Battleaxe of Knowledge I've been waiting for one of the lizards to post Tom Lehrer and Lobachevsky: "Plagiarize! Let no one's else's work evade your eyes! Remember why the good Lord made your eyes, so ...

Melania Trump’s Speech Plagiarized Michelle Obama’s 2008 Convention Speech

7/19/16 11:23:58 am
re: #446 Birth Control Works {{thoughts and sympathy for you and your family}} Prepared or not, it's a hard time, emotional and task-filled. Hope you have lots of love and memories and support. The hatefest will be still there when ...

Chuck C. Johnson Lies Again, Calls Rolling Stone Writer “Plagiarist” Based On… Nothing

Another grotesquely false article
12/11/14 10:11:19 pm
re: #381 Backwoods_Sleuth Looking at the vote breakdown, I was kind of surprised that these Dems voted yes: James Clyburn (I was equally surprised that he voted yes on Keystone) Marci Kaptur The no votes by Repubicans? Mostly loons (including ...

If You Accuse Rand Paul of Plagiarism, He’d Like to Kill You

That’s what a duel is
11/04/13 7:10:37 am
re: #5 b_sharp Oh, the Pauls are all about big empty loudmouthed talk that implies no consequences. Also, still remembering how Rand Pauls' fucking Jack Booted goddamn Thugs curb-stomped a protestor here a couple of years back. he can run ...

Hilarious: Stephen Colbert Defends Rand Paul Against Plagiarism Charges

Show a little bit of respect, Rachel Maddow
539Romantic Heretic
10/31/13 11:23:50 am
re: #502 Justanotherhuman Same as elsewhere. He can be voted out, and will be eventually. He'll do a lot of damage before that. Toronto is a strange place. It used to be 'Metropolitan Toronto'. It was four large cities and ...