Town’s Officers Resign En Masse When First Black Mayor Elected

Missouri Adjourning
375Khal Wimpo (the extinguisher of tiki torches)
4/20/15 3:52:09 pm
re: #243 Nyet Won't someone please pet those baby otters and give them a bottle? Jeez. Help the little fellas, already! Monsters.

Here’s a fun story about a bunch of very corrupt looking cops and city employees cleverly trying to appear racist to avoid being investigated for illegal shenanigans. “Safety concerns,” in this case however is likely a euphemism for “I don’t want to go to jail.” Either that or they’re just …

California Police Look for Rogue Ex-Cop Suspected in Double Murder

Wrote long manifesto threatening his enemies
2/08/13 7:48:55 am
Of course the right wingers are going to blame his rampage on the "liberals'...don't you all know that Liberals burned the Library at Alexandrea,they destroyed the Colossus of Thebes,brought about the Black Plague etc.etc....Oh and Krakatoa..They caused that to erupt ...

New Orleans Police Officer on Trayvon: ‘Act Like a Thug, Die Like One’

Anyone wondering why African Americans don’t think they’re treated fairly by police?
3/27/12 10:06:33 am
re: #708 ozbloke You guys are probably more like the Brits. American humor is largely German in heritage. It doesn't always translate perfectly.

Obama: I Hope This Will Become a Teachable Moment

7/25/09 4:49:22 pm
re: #693 ShanghaiEd that's actually not what he said at all. the appearance would be that race factors in simply because 97% appreciation in any demographic is highly improbable. it would strongly suggest they approve pretty much just because he's ...

The Return of the Incredibly Strange Palestinian Police Cadets With Substandard Pants

108dripping sarcasm
5/30/08 10:50:33 am
alternate working title: Police Paleos Academy 8: Takin' it to the (arab) Street! and here's an exclusive quote from the script, Tackleberry: (to Hightower, obviously nauseated) : "Urp! Lieutenant, I'm not sure these new guys are getting the 'restraint of ...