Darren Wilson’s Civil Suit Testimony Sheds New Light on Michael Brown Shooting

196Bubblehead II
3/15/17 6:23:19 pm
Night Lizards.

Some surprising new information has come out about the shooting of unarmed Ferguson 18-year old Michael Brown, in a civil suit against police officer Darren Wilson. First, as Wesley Lowery describes in his Washington Post article, Wilson admitted he and other officers used racial slurs to refer to African …

Grand Jury Documents Reveal Shockingly Lax Police Procedures in Ferguson

The fix was in from the start
11/26/14 4:39:27 pm
re: #227 klystron It seems all we can hope for is this gets more and more of America aware of the unfairness and unlawful policing going on. Until everyone sees it the same way and demands a complete overhaul of ...
"I'd shoot him again."

Officer Darren Wilson Says He Has a Clean Conscience and Wouldn’t Do Anything Differently

“Feared for his life”
491klys (maker of Silmarils)
11/26/14 2:28:58 pm
re: #490 lostlakehiker Man, it's really funny, but we have this mechanism that is supposed to sort out what evidence to weigh more, etc. It's called a trial. The folks who are supposed to sort out the conflicting testimony? That's ...

Darren Wilson Grand Jury Decision Watch

165klys (maker of Silmarils)
11/24/14 8:35:11 pm
re: #164 lostlakehiker I'll just put this here very clearly: your comment has some very nasty racist undertones. If you don't see them, I suggest you look more carefully. If you're not embarrassed by that, well, that says something too. ...

CNN’s Brian Stelter: Officer Darren Wilson Holding Secret Meetings With Media Bigwigs

You knew this was coming
296Aucun pays pour les vieux ennemis
11/24/14 11:23:13 am
re: #290 Higgs Boson's Mate Unfortunately the dumb half of Americans are ignorant, bigoted assholes, so that message sells extremely well. If Republicans didn't pander to these monsters they'd get about 1% of the vote.

Rudy Giuliani: “White Police Officers Wouldn’t Be There if You [Blacks] Weren’t Killing Each Other”

“The defensive mechanism of white supremacy”
124Hombre McBacon
11/25/14 10:23:55 am
Guiliani has proven himself to be not just a classical racist but an idiot. Something I have wondered for a long time: When were Italians accepted as "white" in American society? I'm 1/4 Italian by the way.

Report: Ferguson Police Officer Darren Wilson in Talks to Resign

11/22/14 2:50:00 pm
re: #274 sagehen As, for instance, the women who worked with Clarence Thomas in fact did. They were kept waiting until something like 2AM by Sen. Metzenbaum, who then decided that his committee didn't need to hear from them after ...

Missouri Gov. Nixon Declares State of Emergency in Expectation of Brown Grand Jury Decision

Expecting trouble
11/18/14 4:40:23 am
This statement alone should disqualify him from the Presidency since it shows a profound lack of understanding of the legislative process. Of course,that wont stop Fox, the right wing, and the GOP from flogging this nonsense through and beyond 2016. ...