Eric Trump Says David Duke ‘Deserves a Bullet,’ but Eric Appeared on a White Nationalist Radio Show in October

The hypocrisy, it burns
516Jebediah, RBG
11/04/16 11:46:51 am
re: #380 Charles Johnson If that shit is actionable, RF might be in trouble. Gloria Allred isn't terribly shy about engaging in legal proceedings, after all.

So today, Donald Trump’s surrogate son Eric actually said, in public, that David Duke ‘deserves a bullet.’ OK. We don’t endorse speech that advocates violence, but at least he’s renouncing former Ku Klux Klan Grand Wizard David Duke in no uncertain terms, right? But if he’s really this vehement …

Donald Trump’s Son Eric Appears on Radio Show With Ties to White Nationalists

The family that hates together
10/06/16 6:05:30 pm
re: #151 klys (maker of Silmarils) They cook other foods by putting it to the ground near hotspots too :) Stay away from the shark tho.

The Donald Trump Campaign Gave Media Credentials to a Notorious White Supremacist

Now Donald Trump is giving press credentials to a white supremacist
3/02/16 10:41:30 am
Vote for Trump in 2016 to make America pure white again. Wow, if this doesn't convince you vote for his democratic opponent, you're an idiot.

Ted Nugent: “Chimpass” Obama Should Be “Hung”

Rock star has-been who hangs with white supremacists lets it all hang out
1/21/16 7:32:50 am
Ted has become no different than Ann Coulter. He knows he can say something outrageous and get in the news, hoping that sells more of his albums and curious 14 year old girls want to visit.

EXCLUSIVE: #CPAC2015 Gave Press Credentials to White Supremacist Radio Show “Political Cesspool”

White supremacists welcome
3/02/15 7:44:56 pm
re: #170 b_sharp Since we're into confession time, must admit I have never, ever watched Walking Dead. Or Breaking Bad. Or Game of Thrones. Or Downtown Abbey. Or Glee. Might watch Downton someday if there's world enough and time. Maybe. ...

Fired Radio Host Anthony Cumia Appears on White Supremacist ‘Political Cesspool’ Show

Cumia finds a new home
144Romantic Heretic
8/04/14 1:20:52 pm
re: #57 Franklin Brewsevelt Actually, that's Sun Tzu. Which is why I don't worry too much about the wingnuts. They only know how to start a war, not how to win one.

Ted Nugent Says He’s “Anti-Racist,” Then Compares Black People to Dangerous Dogs

Nugent watch
134Obdicut (Now with 2% less brain)
7/26/13 2:05:48 pm
re: #131 Wargala Great. So given this citation, is it easier for you to understand how Ted Nugent's bizarre rant about black people attacking white people is, in fact, racist?