Bernie Sanders Suddenly Leads Hillary Clinton in New Hampshire Poll

But it’s still very early
2 weeks, 1 day ago
re: #249 BeachDem Also Franklin Pierce, any relation to Barbara Pierce Bush? Why, yes there is.
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There are still well over 400 days left before the presidential election, so polls don’t really mean a lot at this point; but still, it’s surprising to see Bernie Sanders pull ahead of Hillary Clinton in New Hampshire.

A Picture of Bad Craziness: New Poll Shows 54% of Republicans Think Obama Is Muslim “Deep Down”

The base is not sane
3377-y (Expectation of Great Things in Due Course)
2/25/15 4:14:06 pm
re: #213 b_sharp If S wants to hide something from me, all she has to do is to put it in the fruit or vegetable drawers. Out of sight, out of mind.
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New Quinnipiac Poll: Most Americans Think Snowden “More of a Whistleblower,” but Still Want Him Prosecuted

A “whistleblower” who should be brought to justice
1/16/14 8:47:10 am
re Joanne re #65 I'm very happy to see my retort was somewhat useful, even if it was replying to a derp-o-matic. re makeitstop re: #130 When one talks of a thing, that thing must necessarily be in one's mind. ...
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USA Today-Gallup Poll: Obama Has Overwhelming Lead Over Romney With Latinos

Latinos reject Mitt Romney in huge numbers
6/25/12 12:20:36 pm
re: #13 Kragar It's a variation on a long-held method of realizing how different your cultural touchstones are from the current "young adults". (your choice whether young or adult belongs in the scare quotes.) Pick three defining moments, major cultural ...
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