Pope Benedict XVI Says He Will Resign, ANSA Reports

2/11/13 4:31:36 pm
re: #6 Dr Lizardo A Catholic friend of mine told me that when he got elected, the very name he picked was his way of telling people he was only going to be a caretaker pope.

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Pope Benedict’s Historical Revisionism

160Charles Johnson
9/19/10 11:00:37 am
re: #157 abolitionist You've got be kidding. Your evidence for this is a one-minute video clip uploaded to YouTube by a raving fundamentalist nutjob? Sure, the Nazis were influenced by occult ideas, but to say they wanted to "smash and ...

Breaking: 1985 Letter Shows Future Pope Resisted Defrocking Molester Priest

4/10/10 5:04:23 pm
re: #103 ClaudeMonet You are welcome. Just trying to help provide good information for people to draw conclusions from. Do try to understand though that calling the fire departement is not the proper government agency to call if you want ...

Donohue: Catholic Abuse Scandals ‘Not Pedophilia’

422Sacred Plants
4/03/10 4:02:29 am
What the apologist is actually saying is had the post-pubescent brat inside that trojan priest have been able to get his sexual satisfaction at the age the desire came up, he probably would have aged before facing a choice of ...

Pope Admits Mistakes with Holocaust Denying ‘Bishop’

3/13/09 5:31:08 pm
Catholics and Jews must stand together in the face of Islamism [...] THE INTERNATIONAL MEDIA, fresh from attacking Israel's war on Hamas, decided to "restore the balance" by stirring up feelings of anti-Catholicism. But the pathetic advisers to the pope, ...

Vatican Trying to Reconcile Science and Religion

3/03/09 7:26:09 pm
re: #89 robomatic But the Disco Institute crafted creationist bill he signed into law as Louisiana governor is tailored to allow creationist public high school teachers to illegitimately attack evolutionary theory, even though the Roman Catholic Church accepts it as ...