“Response to the Pope” - a Poem by ​Donald Trump

The Ferlinghetti of fascism
468The Madness of King Orange (aka Sophist)
2/18/16 8:04:35 pm
re: #457 Major Tom Yeah, describing Obama as a politician "from Hawaii" is really disingenuous. Unless you are referring to his political career prior to highschool.

You may have heard that Donald Trump is now feuding with Pope Francis, because of course he is. I thought it would help his “response to the Pope” to reimagine it in free verse format. It’s much more interesting this way, I think. [Sound of finger snapping…]

Suddenly Breitbart “News” Loves the Pope

All it took was a meeting with their latest anti-gay heroine
10/02/15 7:49:34 am
FYI, Vatican now stating that Ms. Davis was one of "several people" the Pope was giving audience to at the time and the Vatican does not necessarily support Ms. Davis' position. He was just "being kind." Looks like her scumbag ...

Utterly Deranged Breitbart “News” Post of the Day: Pope Francis Is “Condemning Millions to Unspeakable Misery”

“The devil’s playground here on Earth”
202Stanley Sea
9/23/15 7:29:35 pm
re: #194 Bill and Opus for 2016! Or like, er, Jesus? Huckabee is a fake Christian if there ever was one. Strike him down oh dog above!

Pope Francis Takes a Stand for Evolution

US conservatives are now to the right of the Pope
10/30/14 7:32:33 am
having grown up within Texas and a deeply "Conservative" family and church, I can tell you that Popes in general and the Catholic Church in particular might as well be Muslim or space aliens for all they care- the only ...

Heaven for Atheists? Better Read the Fine Print

Punk’d by the Pope
5/26/13 7:35:13 pm
re: #164 Dark_Falcon Only in the right's most bizarre fantasies is Larry Flynt part of any mainstream coalition, Democratic or otherwise. And neither of the people you're discussing are even players on the political scene; neither has even run for ...