Dutch PM Mark Rutte

Dutch PM Mark Rutte Set to Beat Geert Wilders in Election

A piece of possible good news from Europe
342The Major
3/15/17 9:06:42 pm
re: #33 Moebym Since I'm a 1st Generation Dutch-American I've been there a few times-I went over for my cousin's wedding in 1988. Sadly, my mother is the only living member of her linegae, and none of her sons have ...

Far right anti-Muslim Dutch demagogue Geert Wilders has been riding a populist wave and getting campaign funding from right wing US organizations, in an effort to become the largest political party in the Dutch parliament. But in a piece of good news, the latest exit polls from the Netherlands …

Palin: Less Talkin’, More Kickin’! Drill We Must!

227Sacred Plants
6/09/10 10:33:17 am
re: #85 Walter L. Newton Since such a person would never be available to compromise themselves by taking an inaugural oath, this does require capitalist government to willingly accept a cultural hegemony of communist dissidents. To put it bluntly, instead ...

Politifact’s Lie of the Year: ‘Death Panels’

187Charles Johnson
12/21/09 11:47:22 am
re: #184 ChicagoJohn Yes, the Politifact description of Palin's statement was completely accurate. She said her parents or her "baby with Down Syndrome" would have to stand in front of a death panel to determine whether they deserved health care. ...

Hitchens: Palin’s Nixon-Era Adviser

12/08/09 10:47:21 am
re: #279 garhighway I can somehow understand some bitterness in the USA, given the fact that they mostly have to defend the free world alone, often being disappointed by their so called allies, especially in Europe. Nonetheless, I think those ...