Atheist AZ Lawmaker Quotes Carl Sagan Instead of Praying Before House Session

The Senate got their revenge the next day.
66Aucun pays pour les vieux ennemis
5/23/13 9:38:22 am
re: #2 thedopefishlives In what situation is wanting to repent to your imaginary friend not insane?

Arizona history was made yesterday: There’s a link to a video of Mendez’s statement at the link above. Today, Sen. Steve Smith tried to undo whatever horrible consequences were going to befall Arizona for this transgression: Which then had its own backlash: Those last two excerpts come from this …

Fox News Poll on Creationism and Prayer - Legitimizing Delusions in American Politics?

Are Americans really as delusional as Fox News portrays?
110Reality Based Steve
9/08/11 7:48:40 am
In regards to the numbers on the Evolution issue, the numbers for "Evolution as outlined by Darwin..." are actually a bit higher than the historical trend over time Gallup polls on Evolution 1982-2010. I agree that the "Both" is a ...