Video: Marco Rubio’s Drinking Problem

2/13/13 12:25:53 pm
re: #251 Political Atheist During the Miami riots, the Miami PD started a lot of the fires which burned out businesses in the riot area, by throwing tear gas grenades into the buildings. How do I know this? Because I ...

It’s the dreaded Obama State of the Union Curse. Any politician who gives the GOP response is suddenly tongue-tied and dry-mouthed, and their career dies.

Bush Talks About Creationism and Evolution on Nightline

12/13/08 12:09:10 am
re: #1100 stuiec Different people at different times in different places have embraced different moralities. All of them agreed on most basic principles, and most of them agreed on all basic principles (prohibitions against murder, stealing, lying, slavery, etc). Human ...