Obama Responds to Trump Camp’s Request That He Try to Shut Down Protests: Nope

2 weeks, 6 days ago
re: #143 electrotek Ask the Hungarians how it worked for them in the 50's.

A few days ago, Trump’s campaign manager Kellyanne Conway called on President Obama to try to shut down the mostly peaceful protests against Donald Trump’s election that have taken place across the country. Today in Germany, the President responded to this absurd and un-democratic request in exactly the way …

Watch Live: President Obama Campaign Rally for Hillary Clinton in Chapel Hill, North Carolina

11/02/16 6:45:37 pm
re: #255 Backwoods_Sleuth I bet somebody somewhere who tried the same thing found out mom was a cheater or a liar and Dad wasn't really their dad.... Or Dad was the cheater and there's a surprise half-sibling...

Sean Hannity Tweets Link to White Supremacist Troll Chuck C. Johnson, Then Deletes It

Now you see Hannity’s link to a racist site, now you don’t
10/28/16 9:57:28 am
I googled what that moon with sunglasses in the upper left means, and oh dear.... I've never seen such a display of blatant incitement of racist violence. Just look up "moonman" on youtube. Lots of it is so vile, even ...

So Donald Trump Just Invited a Hamas Supporter to the Debate Tomorrow Night

This is Trump’s response to Obama calling him a whiner
10/19/16 10:25:22 am
Interesting to see al the city flag's in the thread! My home city of Glasgow doesn't have a flag, but it does have a coat of arms, which depicts four stories about it's patron saint, St Mungo aka St Kentigern. ...

Photo of the Day: The Passing of the Torch

758Shiplord Kirel
7/28/16 12:17:41 pm
Carnival of ignorance at freep: This starts with an inflammatory and inaccurate headline from the Daily Fail: US 'spy plane' makes emergency landing in Russia after 'problem with its landing gear' This is one of the two OC-135Bs that operate ...

Video: President Obama Destroys the Absurd Conservative Talking Point About “Radical Islam”

Beautifully done
6/14/16 2:19:01 pm
re: #120 blueraven And millions of actual voters said we're ok with the Democratic party. Doesn't mean we wouldn't like to see changes but fundamental transformation...into what? Where rhetoric is all that is done, because that's all Bernie offers.