Video: Obama Fired Up: “Read Up on Your History - Your Vote Matters!”

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re: #89 De Kolta Chair He plays Zach Galafiniakis' mother. Zach is a rodeo clown, and they live in Bakersfield.
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Reply President Obama spoke to the Congressional Black Caucus yesterday, with some powerful remarks about the urgent need to get as many people out to vote as possible in this election. This is a must-see for anyone tempted to think their vote doesn’t matter. It matters. Here’s the full …

Video: President Obama Destroys the Absurd Conservative Talking Point About “Radical Islam”

Beautifully done
6/14/16 2:19:01 pm
re: #120 blueraven And millions of actual voters said we're ok with the Democratic party. Doesn't mean we wouldn't like to see changes but fundamental transformation...into what? Where rhetoric is all that is done, because that's all Bernie offers.
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Trump’s Longtime Butler Is a Racist Birther Who Wants Obama to Be Killed

Strange how these people just keep turning up next to Trump
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5/12/16 6:16:42 pm
Night Lizard. Staycation is over and 0300 is about 8 hrs from now. As always, may the Deity of your choice smile down upon you and yours. You can not know the future, only guess. And you'll generally be wrong. ...
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