Watch Live: Attorney General Eric Holder Holds Press Conference on Ferguson

DOJ announces broad civil rights investigation of St. Louis police departments
92Jay C
9/04/14 7:08:44 pm
re: #47 Jenner7 What's odder is that Joan Rivers' "surgery" was: 1) reportedly on her vocal cords (OK: the cynic in me thinks they were trying to KEEP the rasp in and properly balanced...) 2) at a small, local medical ...

Video: Obama Defends UN Amb. Susan Rice Against Right Wing Craziness

Pushback against the right’s fake rage over Benghazi
11/14/12 7:12:23 pm
It's nice to see the Wingnuts move beyond their momentary depression over getting their collective asses kicked and decide that really, none of that happened, the world still agrees with them, and somehow, Obama is directly and personally responsible for ...