WATCH LIVE: Trump’s Press Conference With Finland President Niinistö

3 weeks ago
re: #410 Unshaken Defiance Why? If the people of Houston are that delusional, we prolly need to know about it, since they'll be resettled throughout the centre of the country for the next 3 years like Katrina evacuees…

He’s sure to get barraged with questions about things he won’t want to talk about in this press conference, so the potential for a massive meltdown is fairly high.

WATCH LIVE: Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders Lies to the Press Again

3 weeks, 4 days ago
So I'm watching a PBS documentary, "A Jewish Legacy - Broadway Musicals" -- and totally amazed. I knew that most of the top composers and lyricists were Jewish ("everyone except Cole Porter"), but I hadn't realized how many Broadway tunes ...

WATCH LIVE: Baghdad Sean Spicer Says Trump Has Been “Hugely Successful”

Also “unbelievably significant”
4/24/17 3:43:01 pm
re: #215 Patricia Kayden They all started to give up in the late 90s. By the mid 2000s most of the old guard was gone. Hmmm. Fox news started in the 90s. Coincidence? I doubt it.

WATCH LIVE: As Trump’s “Wiretap” Conspiracy Theory Collapses, Sean Spicer Holds a Press Conference

3/16/17 3:57:24 pm
re: #30 Sionainn, the Nasty Devilbitch "Happens more often than you'd think. We actually had a kindergartner show up on the bus on the first day of school with no paperwork. When asked his name, he said "Sweetie." That's it. ...