WATCH LIVE: Press Secretary Sarah Sanders Lies on Camera for the First Time This Month

7/21/17 8:34:49 pm
re: #273 Decatur Deb Helmet wouldn't have helped in that car anyway. Be like getting in a wreck in a cheese grater.

Get ready for the usual deluge of evasions and bullshit, as Sarah Huckabee Sanders takes the podium now vacated by Sean Spicer. The faces change but the lies never stop.

Video: WH Press Secretary: Offensive Views Are Part of Trump’s (And the GOP’s) Base

“Those are the priorities of today’s Republican Party”
113The Major
9/18/15 6:19:45 pm
re: #62 A Mom Anon I heard her on BBC World Service about a month ago. Fascinating person. Also, Jim Bakker's son also is following quite a different path from his old old man as well when it comes to ...