Is Privatizing Metadata Collection Really a Good Idea?

From the frying pan to the fire
3/26/14 4:00:16 am
It sounds okay if the public goes for it. What bothers me most about this story is that it's asymmetrical propaganda warfare. The leaker/reporter can say whatever they want. They can spin a fact anyway they want, because the NSA ...

Bob Cesca points out some of the problems in President Obama’s proposal to privatize the NSA’s metadata collection program: And there’s another huge problem with this idea: one of the main reasons the US wants to store this metadata is that it lets them access and search it quickly in …

NPR: Snowden May Have Stolen 1.7 Million NSA Documents

The moral of this story: never give a dudebro root access
12/18/13 6:12:01 am
re: #13 spiderx Yea, he just gave documents that may or may not contain my life history to one of the more corrupt nations on the planet, where con-artists openly and arrogantly run the government. That is what I want ...

Americans Fear Hackers More Than the Government Over Online Privacy

So a Greenwald #fail then?
9/05/13 1:41:52 pm
re: #174 GeneJockey The present-day US neo-confederates have managed to sour my previously low view of the US confederacy significantly further with their disgusting apologetics for slavery. By now, I'm comfortably of the opinion that the crimes of Confederacy deserved ...

Snowden and Venezuela: The Real Total Surveillance State

In Venezuela one cannot have any expectation of privacy or free speech
192Dr Lizardo
7/08/13 1:12:29 pm
Here in the Czech Republic, as an English teacher, I'm considered self-employed. I have a živnostensk list - a business license - and I'm responsible for my own taxes, health insurance, etc. The only pain in the butt is taxes, ...

CNET Says NSA “Admits” Listening to US Phone Calls - But That’s Not What the Video Shows

6/16/13 10:01:20 am
I just read at buzzfeed that Rep. Nadler is refuting the CNET report. From the Buzzfeed update: Update Rep. Nadler in a statement to BuzzFeed says: "I am pleased that the administration has reiterated that, as I have always believed, ...

Charlie Crist’s Anti-Vaccination Backer Wants Your Sealed Immunization Records

9/30/10 7:31:41 am
Poor Charlie, he's been faced with Hobson's choice all along. run Independent and be accused of opportunism, or get plowed under. Take this guy's money and be tarnished by his crazy, or not be able to afford this campaign.