New ISIS Video Celebrates Brussels Attacks by Quoting Donald Trump

3/25/16 11:36:50 am
The chump scares me. I'm getting very concerned about our country when a being like this gets away with this sort of vitriolic rhetoric and people actually love him for it.
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As predicted by former Navy intelligence counter-terrorism expert Malcolm Nance, ISIS is now using a clip of Donald Trump in their latest video to boast about how they’re causing panic in Western societies. Nice work, Donald. He’s playing right into the hands of the terrorists he claims he’s going …

The original illustration for Breitbart's vicious attack on Shapiro and Fields

Breitbart Editors Post Creepy Attack on Ben Shapiro Using His Father’s Pseudonym

These people are gross
417Decatur Deb
3/14/16 7:03:07 pm
re: #416 makeitstop It's not only Christie. For the last month or so karma has been reconciling a bunch of ledgers.
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CNN Interviews Trump Supporters - They Don’t Care That He’s Lying

“Don’t try and screw this up - you’re not gonna convince me otherwise”
11/30/15 8:07:13 pm
re: #509 Romantic Heretic Five days after the article is posted a Trump Troll slithers in and leaves a trail of slime behind. Totally lame crap too. If you're gonna invent shit at least think through what you're going to ...
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Suddenly Breitbart “News” Loves the Pope

All it took was a meeting with their latest anti-gay heroine
10/02/15 7:49:34 am
FYI, Vatican now stating that Ms. Davis was one of "several people" the Pope was giving audience to at the time and the Vatican does not necessarily support Ms. Davis' position. He was just "being kind." Looks like her scumbag ...
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National Review Finally Posts Correction for Fake “Venezuela” Photo After Michelle Malkin Throws Tantrum

Blames “abjectly stupid libs” for the National Review’s screw-up
6/02/15 8:43:46 pm
I gave the Comments a pretty-good look-see and, I can't believe I'm the only one who noticed...Lowry/NRO has finally fessed-up. His words: "Snafu" is actually an acronym: SNAFU=Situation Normal- All Fucked Up. 'Bout time.
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After the Right Wing Media Machine Screams “Sterling Is a Democrat,” He Turns Out to Be a Republican

317Khal Wimpo (no longer entitled to his own facts)
4/28/14 5:41:40 pm
re: #315 makeitstop This is the only kind of response that could conceivably force the NBA's hand in this matter. If advertisers started yanking their money, then the TV networks invoke clauses in the contracts, and suddenly that big fat ...
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Even Snowden’s Camp Now Acknowledges the Putin Puppet Show Was a Disaster

“Snowden’s camp wouldn’t get into the specifics of how his question made it onto Russian state television”
4/21/14 10:07:01 pm
re: #301 kirkspencer 1. What are people going to write iOS software on? Nobody's going to write apps *on* iOS. The limitations on applications would be too restrictive. You'd need two iPads to debug an iPad app, which would be ...
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