Great Video: Rachel Maddow Calls Out the Anti-Science Right

2/21/14 5:50:23 pm
A march to general Russian consulate in Kharkiv Not your people, Yanuk.

A great segment from Rachel Maddow digs into the ridiculous anti-science positions of right wing quack Jerome Corsi — specifically, his latest book about “abiotic” oil — and segues into the even more outrageous and disturbing fact that top Republican officials in North Carolina believe in the same pseudo-scientific …

Live Video: Sheriff Arpaio’s Ridiculous Birther Press Conference

Idiotfest in Arizona
3/01/12 6:25:56 pm
That which we call a birther, by any other name, would still be an irrational, TFH-wearing bigot living in a state of denial. Would not be surprised to learn that mental health professionals decide to categorize birtherism as yet another ...