Seth Meyers Riffs on Pence’s NFL Stunt, Trump vs. Bob Corker and Puerto Rico

10/10/17 9:02:40 pm
re: #337 Shiplord Kirel, live from behind wingnut lines Hey, they have to blow off steam somewhere. Me? I avoid that sort of place like the plague. If I want a vacation I'm going out somewhere with plants and bugs ...

Video: Seth Meyers Scores Again on Trump’s Disastrous Puerto Rico Visit and the Gun Debate

“How are you so bad at this?”
10/05/17 8:06:12 pm
re: #321 Le Coquí Résistance Stay in touch, as the hotspots allow! What you're reporting about the hospitals is heartbreaking and infuriating. Hope they're able to get what is needed, and soon. I'll keep nagging my congressmen every day, to ...

Rick Santorum Fails Big Time in Puerto Rico

Maybe telling Puerto Ricans to “speak English” wasn’t such a good idea
11Robert O.
3/19/12 10:32:15 am
Did anyone notice something weird? Romney (83%) + Santorum (8%) + Gingrich (2%) + Paul (1%) = 94% < 100%. What happened to the other 6%? It can't be rounding because the maximum error you can get is 0.5-epsilon per ...