Even Snowden’s Camp Now Acknowledges the Putin Puppet Show Was a Disaster

“Snowden’s camp wouldn’t get into the specifics of how his question made it onto Russian state television”
4/21/14 10:07:01 pm
re: #301 kirkspencer 1. What are people going to write iOS software on? Nobody's going to write apps *on* iOS. The limitations on applications would be too restrictive. You'd need two iPads to debug an iPad app, which would be ...

Imagine my surprise to learn that Edward Snowden was played like a violin by Vladimir Putin. As I wrote two days ago: Snowden’s Op-Ed: Desperately Spinning to Repair the Damage. UPDATE at 4/20/14 8:33:46 pm Remember the days when Edward Snowden praised Russia for their courageous stance against human rights …

Putin Trots Out Edward Snowden for Pathetic Propaganda Op

A pitiful charade
243Jay in Oregon
4/18/14 9:05:34 am
Edward Snowden defends decision to question Vladimir Putin on surveillance I'm sure Snowden asked Putin a "gotcha" question precisely so he could unleash the truth! Ed has probably been busy emailing Glenn Greenwald hundreds of files from his pilfered cache ...

Edward Snowden’s New Home Plans to Monitor ‘All Communications’ at the Winter Olympics

Surveillance state
10/08/13 2:43:00 am
re: #284 makeitstop At the moment, they're making a big play of saying it's no big deal, we can avoid default even if we go over the debt limit. If reality doesn't live up to their claims, they'll blame it ...

Putin Admits Snowden Contacted Russian Agents Before Coming to Russia

Another piece of the story falls into place
9/04/13 10:12:48 pm
re: #144 Justanotherhuman Probably, but as Radley Balko's work has shown, the police in the US *have* gone way overboard in militarizing, and in putting their own safety before the safety of the citizens. They need to de-escalate, stop using ...