And Now, Peter Gabriel’s “Sledgehammer,” Done in Vintage ’50s Rhythm & Blues Style

Open up your fruitcage
3/26/17 11:47:08 am
re: #542 Birth Control Works Easy! Jesus Chillin'. Me, I'm just chilling with a big spliff from my garden and a nice cup of Starbucks who are just magic with my beans. And oh yeah, watching U.S. Politics. I didn't ...

An Amazing Set From NPR Tiny Desk Contest Winners: Tank and the Bangas

3/23/17 10:27:36 am
re: #200 lawhawk In any other era I'd still have a problem with Gorsuch. He's an arrogant little git with a missing empathy chip, and we'll probably have to put up with this smarmy ass for three decades. But yes, ...

Overnight Tiny Desk Jam: Sister Sparrow & the Dirty Birds

400Reality Based Steve
4/28/16 4:25:14 pm
re: #288 ObserverArt If I had to throw a guess out there, I'm going to bet that because you have more content, the system is able to do a more efficient dictionary on the compression. More duplicate content, more repeated ...