RNC Cancels NBC Debate — The Whining Continues

The Party Of Whining, Crying, Complaining, And Playing The Victim
461Jay in Oregon
11/01/15 8:45:45 am
To keep things fair, they'll insist on GOP-friendly moderators for the Democratic debates as well...

RNC chairman Reince Priebus has informed NBC that the RNC is cancelling the Republican debate scheduled to air on NBC later. The reason given was that CNBC was just too darn mean to his candidates. Full Letter here This comes after a full day of whining and crying from …

RNC Spokesman on Cliven Bundy: Conservatives Are the Real Victims

A fine whine
189Patricia Kayden
4/25/14 2:59:57 pm
re: #14 Varek Raith Exactly. We would never have heard about Cliven Bundy unless Hannity, Fox News, Rightwing media and Republican politicians had not brought him to our attention as a hero, patriot and Gandhi-like figure. As Ms. Morrisette asked: ...

RNC Chair Priebus: Don’t Worry, Bigots, the GOP Is Not Embracing “Tolerance”

7/22/13 7:08:09 pm
re: #441 Charles Johnson It was the pictures of little Elizabeth helping recover victims in the bombed out rubble of WW2 London that gave me pause and to appreciate that the monarchy gave the Britons a sense of place in ...

Palin: “This Year Is a Good Opportunity for Other Voices to Speak”

Just go on without me
636Obdicut (Now with 2% less brain)
8/13/12 3:50:28 pm
re: #635 Daniel Ballard No, it doesn't. The reality is that we have a left-leaning academia and extremely high levels of academic freedom. Is there some reason you think academic freedom should result in parity between the totally artificially designated ...

2012 RNC ‘Presidential Platform’ Questionnaire Wants to Know How Much You Hate Obama

Would you like to take a survey?
127funky chicken
4/23/12 12:06:49 pm
I got this "survey" as well, and answered it as honestly as I could. I even wrote a couple of notes in the section that asked for comments. I sent it back with no donation (duh) and no real hope ...

New RNC Chairman Bashed Stimulus, but Helped Clients Get Stimulus Funds

1/15/11 1:02:45 pm
re: #35 moderatelyradicalliberal He'd be strong compared to Palin, Pawlenty, Huckster, etc., etc., etc. He would probably get creamed in the general election, but he'd be stronger than those others. The problem, as always, is that he is a long-shot ...

Christine O’Donnell: Biden and the Liberals Are Out to Get Me

73(I Stand By What I Said Whatever It Was)
1/02/11 5:22:17 am
re: #32 Obdicut Sure. Again, I am trying to use the term in a neutral way, not in order to fight political battles. Don't try to straw-man the nefarious meaning on me! Why do you believe that I have a ...