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NBC Hires Cynical Race-Baiting Megyn Kelly in Multi-Year Deal

The NBC/Fox News convergence
187Feline Fearless Leader
1/03/17 3:21:10 pm
re: #115 Scottishdragon Someone has to also remember that most of the monks were *not* commoners. And they owned lands and controlled serfs and peons like the rest of the nobility.

The media news of the day is that NBC is continuing their swing to the right by hiring Fox News demagogue Megyn Kelly, for a multi-year deal that will see her hosting a one-hour daytime show, a Sunday news magazine show, and taking part in all sorts of miscellaneous …

Sick: Official GOP Twitter Account Boasts About “Willie Horton-Style Attack” on Tim Kaine, Then Deletes Tweet

The Republican Party is deranged
457Wendell Zurkowitz ((slave to the waffle light))
10/04/16 1:37:11 am
re: #318 ObserverArt This is a concept that is left out of a lot of discussions about religions (especially a certain one that is widely practiced in the Middle East and parts of Asia): there are people who simply identify ...

Our Howler of the Day From Jim Hoft, Stupidest Man on the Internet

Indicted, convicted, what’s the difference?
83Feline Fearless Leader
5/29/15 2:10:50 pm
re: #21 Fourth Football of the Apocalypse But if they register now and have the ID there can't be any way to catch them up in a last minute passed voter suppression law!?! ;P ///

The James O’Keefe Scandal Gets Worse: Ex-Staffer Says He Crossed a Line With Vile ‘Kill Cops’ Stunt

Right wing undercover incitement
3/21/15 4:35:53 pm
re: #145 Dark_Falcon I'd say you struck out swinging, with all the empty force of Casey at the Bat. You're still wedded to trickle down economics as an example of economic literacy. Indeed, it's still the linchpin of the gop's ...

Newt Gingrich Shocked (Shocked!) at Nelson Mandela Backlash

Why the surprise, Newt? Don’t you recognize your base?
12/09/13 6:38:27 am
re: #71 b_sharp I know I'm replying in a dead thread :-) I just had to say if you can talk your wife into getting a Pyr they are fantastic dogs! We have a female Newfoundland (my profile pic) who ...

Breitbart’s Ben Shapiro Pretends to Care About a Murdered Black Teenager

Horrible people writing horrible things
7/14/13 4:10:26 pm
Another example of conservative race-baiting. Right Wing bloggers are using this obvious fake video as an example of black youths hunting whites and out of control.

Ben “Friends of Hamas” Shapiro Yells “Culture of Intimidation!”

He seems very angry
5/20/13 7:53:18 pm
Forget about the cost of Obama's vacations! What I want to know is how much taxpayer money Judicial Watch is costing the US government by making it waste its resources dealing with all of Judicial Watch's frivolous lawsuits

Stephen Colbert on George Will’s Political Post-Racial Journalism

Deflating the fatuousness
10/05/12 7:04:03 am
Pls file this in the "if you don't know what's broke, you can't fix it," category. Been appreciating & reading LGF with an iPhone for 4 years, & found that as coding changes were made; it made iPhone interaction with ...