Breitbart “News” Hack John Nolte Suddenly Announces He Resigned Two Months Ago

One of the creepiest writers for Breitbart bailed out a while back
5/16/16 7:19:25 pm
re: #298 Dr. Matt Nah, it was just in Obi-Wan Kenobi mode...
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For years he’s been one of the most unhinged writers at Breitbart “News,” but today we learn the reason why John Nolte’s byline hasn’t appeared at the site for two months: Scanning through his Twitter timeline, it’s apparent that he left over Breitbart’s shabby treatment of Michelle Fields; he’s …


Our Howler of the Day From Jim Hoft, Stupidest Man on the Internet

Indicted, convicted, what’s the difference?
83Feline Fearless Leader
5/29/15 2:10:50 pm
re: #21 Fourth Football of the Apocalypse But if they register now and have the ID there can't be any way to catch them up in a last minute passed voter suppression law!?! ;P ///
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The James O’Keefe Scandal Gets Worse: Ex-Staffer Says He Crossed a Line With Vile ‘Kill Cops’ Stunt

Right wing undercover incitement
3/21/15 4:35:53 pm
re: #145 Dark_Falcon I'd say you struck out swinging, with all the empty force of Casey at the Bat. You're still wedded to trickle down economics as an example of economic literacy. Indeed, it's still the linchpin of the gop's ...
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Palin, Suddenly Concerned About ‘Black Americans,’ Suggests Obama Should Drop Biden for Hillary

Jay Carney: “They know what they’re saying about this is ridiculous”
8/16/12 4:36:13 pm
So Palin is giving advice to the Obama campaign now? Really? "I don't want Obama to win, but here is some advise that might enable him to do just that." The logic here is somewhat akin to George Bailey taking ...
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