Trump’s Record of Dishonesty Is Unprecedented - but Right Wing Site Hot Air Thinks It’s All Hillary’s Fault

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In the past few days, several major newspapers and media websites published articles about Donald Trump’s absolutely stunning and horrifying record of dishonesty. (Finally.) A Week of Whoppers From Donald Trump Scope of Trump’s falsehoods unprecedented for a modern presidential candidate Trump’s week reveals bleak view, dubious statements in …

Keith Olbermann’s Latest: Hillary Was Wrong - All of Trump’s Supporters Are “Deplorable”

With bonus Katrina Pierson impersonation
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re: #157 Ojoe Dead thread troll being deplorable. Normalizing white supremacy and racism by holding the female candidate and by default 'the left' to some moral standard yet silent on all the deplorable shit the right is saying and stands ...
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Video: Soledad O’Brien Calls Out the Media for Normalizing Trump’s White Supremacist Ties

Straight talk about Trump’s toxic influence on US politics
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re: #399 Backwoods_Sleuth Donald Trump wouldn't be just cancel a meeting for such an insult, he'd be lobbing missiles. Weak! Sad! //
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White Supremacists Absolutely Loved Trump’s Anti-Immigrant Speech in Phoenix

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re: #516 Sir John Barron You are asking for facts! Don't you know any better? / This is already accepted as the trooth* by the wing nuts and Trumpians. Even some in the media have used the words to hint ...
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White Supremacist Who Coined Term “Alt-Right” Demands Apology From Hillary Clinton

Poor little racist’s feelings are hurt
8/27/16 3:36:40 am
re: #210 Stanley Sea The HR game seems rife with pitfalls for the employer. I think there are a lot of rules and legalities that they have to follow to be impartial and meet requirements. I would not take it ...
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