Is John Kelly the Next to Go From the Dysfunctional Trump White House?

3 weeks, 6 days ago
re: #405 Blind Frog Belly White Call the police to come collect the body.

The ongoing chaos inside the White House is not showing any signs of settling down. Now Gabriel Sherman reports that the Trump-thing is gearing up to get rid of the guy who was touted as the Great Moderating Force, after his comments last week bashing Trump’s stupid “border wall” fantasy: …

Michelle Obama Continues Hawaiian Vacation, Breitbart Commenters Respond With Deluge of Racism

133Tomm JOnzz
1/08/14 12:17:18 pm
i really and truly don't get the Wookie thing, other than just a completely generic dig. is it racial? is the First Lady alleged to be hirsute? i certainly haven't noticed or even heard anything, but then, i'm not obsessed ...

Kris Kobach, Notorious SB 1070 Racist, Laying Groundwork for Two-Tier Voting System

So are Ken Bennett and Tom Horne of Arizona.
10/09/13 11:03:54 am
re: #222 francis You just insulted all minorities, and in fact, everyone, who has ever voted for a non-Republican. Why are you so hard to educate?

FBI Says AZ Attorney General Tom Horne Clipped Car, Drove Off to Hide Affair

It is unclear what impact this will have on his ability to continue to serve as Attorney General.
11/03/12 1:46:02 pm
Tom Horne resigned from the ADL because the Arizona Regional board, of which he was a member, took a stand against the measure that outlawed Mexican American Studies.