“Prosperity” Preacher Kenneth Copeland: Ted Cruz Is “Anointed” by God to Be President

Scary fanatics eager to grab the reins of power
152The Deep State Drank All The Beer!
2/05/16 8:15:59 pm
Shouldn't these politically active churches follow the Laws of the United States and pay their taxes?

The religious fanatics with whom presidential candidate Ted Cruz and his father Rafael associate are way, way out there on the fringe of America’s right wing, and here’s another example, as Ted’s wacky dad speaks at the Texas mega-church of “prosperity gospel” preacher Kenneth Copeland, who says Ted Cruz …

Rafael Cruz, father of Ted Cruz: “Evolution is a Communist lie”

Also, gay rights endanger children
11/05/13 10:58:34 am
re: #123 ObserverArt I've been a Browns fan for more than 40 years, and I've suffered through some horrid quarterbacking (Mike Phipps, Paul McDonald, Tim Couch), as well as some great QBing (Bernie Kosar). In all that time, I think ...