Wingnuts Erupt In Rage Over Coates “Reparations” Article Without Bothering To Read It

338Bubblehead II
5/22/14 4:03:43 pm
Heading upstairs.
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This is an excellent article, well worth reading: Ta-Nehisi Coates: The Case For Reparations. However on #tcot (Top Conservatives On Twitter) they are enraged and seething, and of course, never even bothered to read the article. Here is a sample of the derpularity. Enjoy. %%FOLD%%

Breitbrat Ben Shapiro: The Left Won Because They’re Big Meanies

A vast army of Obama thugs is viciously bullying Ben Shapiro
1/09/13 11:15:13 am
This is what AS WELL as FRONTPAGE MAGAZINE is all about . Hacks like Shapiro , Vadum , Greenfield jump back and forth between these two blogs . Underlying 99 % of all materials , disguising as "journalism " ...
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