CNN: Trump Had to Be Stopped From Lashing Out at Robert Mueller

10/31/17 8:16:59 pm
re: #175 Anymouse 🌹 You're forgetting some fairly large groups (although they'll never admit to being socialist): the cops and firemen in most cities, and of course all of the armed services. All facilities and equipment government-owned, all personnel government-paid, ...

According to CNN, as the news broke yesterday morning Donald Trump went into a white-hot fury and had to be restrained from lashing out at Robert Mueller on Twitter. Seething is good.

#askFLOTUS, Hashtag for Citizens to Tweet Michelle Obama, Swarmed by Hate and Rage

319Pete Puma
3/11/13 8:26:37 pm
I think we should float a rumor that the WH used the #AskFLOTUS tweet-up as a phishing exercise to round up all those TCOT PATRIOTS~! and throw 'em in the concentration camps they're supposedly building. Pathetic.

Breitbrat Ben Shapiro: The Left Won Because They’re Big Meanies

A vast army of Obama thugs is viciously bullying Ben Shapiro
1/09/13 11:15:13 am
This is what AS WELL as FRONTPAGE MAGAZINE is all about . Hacks like Shapiro , Vadum , Greenfield jump back and forth between these two blogs . Underlying 99 % of all materials , disguising as "journalism " ...