And Now, the GOHMERT! Photobomb Contest

The far right at play
319Reality Based Steve
6/21/14 5:52:53 pm
re: #289 thedopefishlives I remember back in my drinking days going out with some friends, and I was determined to have an Irish Coffee at each and every bar in downtown Monterey, CA. Lets just say that the evening DID ...

Time for a Photoshop contest! This is from the Faith and Freedom Coalition Conference, as Louie “Terror Babies” Gohmert reveals a heretofore unsuspected playful side, photobombing Ralph Reed and new House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy. Such a jolly gang they are, don’t you think? UPDATE at 6/20/14 6:11:54 pm …

Far Right Religious Fanaticism at the Faith and Freedom Coalition Conference

Religious wingnuts ranting
187Ian G.
6/20/14 1:00:45 pm
re: #93 Rev_Arthur_Belling Her parents are big liberals (dad's an old union guy, mom despised Benedict and loves Francis). If they ever cared, they never showed it. re: #157 aagcobb Not at all. I'll go to church with her family ...

Photo of the Day: At Faith and Freedom Conference, Obama in a Toilet

Smell the good Christian love
6/20/14 11:01:38 am
and that smiling pic with Ralph fucking Reed, completely forgiven and embraced by these power brokers damn near makes me apoplectic. I understand that it's Christian to be charitable and tolerant and forgiving but these guys never appear to apply ...

ABC’s This Week Easter Show: Gays Are Going to Hell, Civilization Is Doomed

“A more authentic Christianity”
277Unshaken Defiance
4/20/14 9:26:45 pm
re: #99 goddamnedfrank Interesting! The idea to take this further is to bring two 500 watt lights in to bring the background detail and light up. We have not been using a tripod as the shutter is so fast it's ...

At Ralph Reed’s Event, Jon Huntsman Dives to the Far Right

How long before he starts denying climate change exists?
6/03/11 5:40:42 pm
From the article: Yeah, 'cause GOD FORBID someone should take a moderate, well balanced position on anything. Unless they're non-WASPs, liberals, gays—in which case they need to stop being dangerous radicals and become more the GOP. Except the GOP ...