A Meeting of the Minds: Rand Paul and Far Right Racist Rancher Cliven Bundy

The sovereign citizen connection
156funky chicken
6/30/15 12:44:56 pm
re: #16 Kragar I never found them charming and can proudly say I switched away from their show as quickly as possible every time it appeared if I was channel surfing. I never watched a minute of that Honey BooBoo ...
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Rand Paul Refuses to Spell Out Abortion Ban Exceptions, Snaps at Interviewer

The clown car is starting to roll
4/08/15 11:05:32 pm
re: #85 psddluva4evah For money? What? He came forward because he saw something he couldn't let stand. He knows about the trouble that will come with the territory, but he's doing it anyhow because it's the right thing to do. ...
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Rand Paul Wants to Abolish the Department of “Eductation”

And then we can all just forget about being able to spell
4/07/15 3:40:37 pm
re: #221 A Cranky One A beautiful example of this is where new rock is continually being formed and then moving predictably (e.g., at mid-ocean ridges). Since each bit of rock aligns to the magnetic field that was present when ...
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Rand Paul’s Comment About Parents ‘Owning’ Children Was Not Random

Received wisdom from Murray Rothbard
2/03/15 1:48:46 pm
While I see some pretty crappy attitude toward kids coming from the libertarian ideals I don't see where they claim to own children. What does this mean? The emphasis is mine.
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Rand Paul: Parents ‘Own’ Children, Not the State, So Vaccines Should Be Voluntary

Dangerous stupidity
2/03/15 4:32:19 am
Since it appears Republicans and anti-vaxxers nowadays give more weight to personal antidotes over actual scientific evidence, I'll participate: From my own high school and personal friendships, I know personally of 3 college professors , 2 Creative Directors for major ...
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Ron Paul Says Rand Paul’s “Travel Ban” Idea Is “Politically Motivated”

One of those rare moments when the elder Paul seems saner than his son
10/21/14 6:41:18 pm
re: #232 ausador Amada Marcotte is a visible feminist in the US with an internet presence. Therefore, there is no doubt that she has already received numerous rape and death threats from misogynists.
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