And Now, an Exceptional NPR Tiny Desk Concert by Randy Newman

Where is my wandering boy?
10/18/17 9:53:35 am
Greets and saluts from the Resistance in the NYC metro area. Trump was up early once again trouncing the Constitution, screwing over Gold Star Parents (again; this is a habit with him since he has no clue how sacrifice actually ...

A History Lesson From Randy Newman: “The Great Nations of Europe”

Covering the last 400 years of Western civilization in two minutes and 48 seconds
5/26/16 7:13:45 am
"Some bug from out of Africa might come for you and me" Beautiful the way he sings that line. Now, let's get some walls built to protect our Little Europe, and all the Little Europes of the world.

Saturday Jam: Randy Newman Talks About the Inspiration for “Losing You”

When you’re young and there’s time, you forget the past
271The Vicious Babushka
4/10/16 2:19:25 pm
re: #265 Charles Johnson Are these actual Sanders Supporters or Glenn Greenwald ratfuckers who vote 3rd party? I have been getting hit by "Sanders supporters" who turn out (after looking at their timeline) to be hardcore wingnuts.