Chuck C. Johnson (L) and his wife pose for a photo with Ted Cruz

Cyberstalker Chuck C. Johnson Announces “Fake Rape” Website With Disgraced CTO Pax Dickinson

“What is extortion? And should it be illegal?” - Chuck C. Johnson
403The Major
2/08/16 4:54:05 pm
re: #395 Eventual Carrion Had a friend once who got pulled over by the police on some nonsense charge. When he appeared before the judge just after the lunch break, it turned out they both were in the same graduating ...

If you’ve followed the strange, twisted tale of cyberstalker Chuck C. Johnson (who is NOT ME) and his weird obsessions with other people’s sex lives, you may recall that last May we reported exclusively that Johnson had registered the domain names and, apparently intending to launch a …

And Now, the Chuck C. Johnson Fire Sale! Anybody Want to Buy Chuck’s “Fake Rape” Domain Names?

And he’s stalking Twitter headquarters again
1/07/16 5:01:33 am
Narcissism has become the defining characteristic of the right wing. Malignant narcissism like this ginger turdball displays appeals to the 2% of the American population that identifies as white, male, early 20's, infantile Libertarian leaning, small penis complex.....but turns off ...

Columbia Journalism School Review Finds “Major Failures” in Rolling Stone’s UVA Rape Story

All she had to do was call
4/06/15 1:09:07 pm
re: #623 GunstarGreen While I agree that it's more than a mere "honest mistake" and that there should be more repercussions than a slap on the wrist for playing with people's lives (both of the alleged victim and of the ...

Another Massive Fail by Smear Merchant Chuck C. Johnson: Posts Photo of Wrong Woman

Vicious smear attempt crashes and burns
294Egregious Philbin
12/09/14 12:23:59 pm
Lets see the ginger clown take on the mafia. Hope you can hold your breath there red... This little f***knuckle should have the living crap beaten out of him by the people he f***s over.

Todd Akin’s Comments Symptomatic of Bigger Problems For GOP

Not isolated.
8/23/12 1:33:12 pm
re: #130 Buck Even if you want to claim that forcible rape is not a new category, Ryan, Akin and GOPers are trying to use that to restrict access to abortion, leaving statutory rape victims out of luck. The FBI ...