Donald Trump’s Fascinating Friday Freakout

895Aucun pays pour les vieux ennemis
10/09/16 5:36:46 pm
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Here’s another thread to discuss this fascinating Friday freakout, as we wait to see if the Trump campaign will actually release the apology video they’ve been promising, and that the GOP establishment is demanding. I’m very doubtful that he’ll be able to bring himself to issue a real apology, …

Donald Trump’s Most Awful Moments in the “National Security” Forum

“Pretty good with the body language”
417Jebediah, RBG
9/08/16 2:01:05 pm
re: #416 Tigger2 I don't think he can "grow up" - I think he is in over his head, and incapable of doing the job we think he should be doing.

New Evidence Chuck Johnson May Have Been Behind the “Pretty Little Liar - Rape Hoax” Posters at Columbia

Chuck Johnson’s awful obsession
5/30/15 9:16:35 pm
re: #417 wrenchwench Women who are raped message their assailants and tell them they love them and want to hang out? I think she's lying. This is my opinion. No, I don't hate women. By the way, when's the last ...

Chuck C. Johnson Trying to Use Twitter to Dox Another Rape Victim

Presented without further comment
461Jay in Oregon
1/24/15 9:14:05 am
I know conservatives like to rile up and piss liberals off, then use that as "proof" of how despicable we are. But in CCJ's case I don't give a rat's ass. If he couldn't use the internet to harass people ...

Another Massive Fail by Smear Merchant Chuck C. Johnson: Posts Photo of Wrong Woman

Vicious smear attempt crashes and burns
294Egregious Philbin
12/09/14 12:23:59 pm
Lets see the ginger clown take on the mafia. Hope you can hold your breath there red... This little f***knuckle should have the living crap beaten out of him by the people he f***s over.

Today’s Rolling Stone Train Wreck

This is bad
12/05/14 4:58:06 pm
re: #227 Decatur Deb Your wish, as they say, is Amazon's command. Musicares Person of Year: Tribute to Bruce Springsteen [Blu-ray] Bruce Springsteen (Actor), Various (Actor), Leon Knoles (Director) Rated: NR (Not Rated) Format: Blu-ray List Price: $19.98 Price: $14.39 Free Shipping ...

Todd Akin Tells World Net Daily the Media Makes Fun of Him Because They Want to Destroy America

The wingnuttiest
7/24/14 1:59:11 pm
re: #79 Skip Intro Oh yeah, cause switching from one aspect of something they totally don't get and don't really care about (women health in particular and women in general) to another aspect of said something is bound to work ...

Video: George Will Stands by His Column on Sexual Assault

Will: Women report rapes just to win “coveted” victimhood status
6/21/14 6:43:40 pm
re: #271 b_sharp I'll make you feel young. I remember the Berlin wall going UP. I remember hating it. I remember visiting Berlin and hating it more. Here you had a wall whose purpose was to make a whole part ...

Walter Moseley’s Awesome Anti-Rape Culture Piece

One of my favorite writers, glad to find he’s a feminist, too
61Obdicut (Now with 2% less brain)
3/15/13 2:19:50 pm
re: #60 kerFuFFler It's not rocket science not to get totally wasted. For fuck's sake. I don't know why people think this is advice that actually has to be given. Do you really, really think that any woman out there ...