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Discussing the prevalence of frauds and hacks
10/24/15 4:42:53 pm
re: #86 Nyet According to legend, Judas was supposed to have been red-haired

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This episode of The Bubble Genius Bob & Chez Show features your humble LGF owner, discussing the Hillary Clinton Benghazi Witch Hunt, the Rathergate affair, Chuck Johnson’s legal bumbling, and more.

Dan Rather on Reddit: “No One Ever Established the Documents Were Forged”

Clinging to denial
521Local Media Monitor
2/09/13 10:10:46 am
re: #509 stabby I showed you Steubenville. That shows rape culture. You didn't respond. Now this comment of yours above. Look at it this way: when slavery was legal, "people on average act(ed) the way people do on average" and ...