Trump Bans Transgender People From Military Service to Save Funding for His Imaginary Border Wall

Another step back toward the Dark Ages
7/26/17 3:24:18 pm
I'm just holding on to the idea that the worse Shitgibbons McFucknut gets is a reflection of how bad the behind the scenes information he is getting. If the deflection is getting this bad, then he must be really scared. ...

Remember when Donald Trump said he was going to be the best friend LGBT people ever had? He was lying, of course. Early this morning he made a snap decision, while sitting on his gold-plated toilet with his iPhone, to ban transgender people from all military service, and announced it …

Tennessee Republican Wants Bible to Be the State Book

Anti-Constitution Republicans
2/11/15 4:56:51 pm
re: #6 Kragar Most people have never read through the entire Bible. However, most telling amongst those that have, a significant percentage of Evangelicals I've known choose to highlight the particular verses or even individual words that they themselves deem ...

GOP Rebranding Watch: S. Dakota Lawmaker Says It Should Be Legal to Deny Service to “Blacks”

Evangelical bigotry
226Romantic Heretic
3/17/14 3:05:11 pm
re: #169 Dark_Falcon Looks like we're going to be seeing something along this line soon. Damn it! Sigh. We managed to make almost three generations without another big war. Let's try for a century next time.

Ben Carson: US Is Like Nazi Germany Because Conservatives Are “Afraid to Say What They Believe”

In which universe?
454HappyWarrior(Not Larry Kudlow)
3/13/14 10:01:32 am
Carson may be a brilliant neurosurgeon but he may be stupider than Rush Limbaugh, Glenn Beck, and Sean Hannity are as a political pundit. Don't quit your day,job, Dr. Carson.

Speaking of Creationism: A Missouri GOP Lawmaker Is Trying to Make Teaching Evolution Optional

Atavism in action
2/08/14 3:07:33 pm
While we're at it, let's make discussions of Newtonian physics, chemical equilibria, and earth's geological record optional topics in their relevant courses as well.

GOP Mississippi Gov. Bryant: Education Is Mediocre Because “Mom Got in the Workplace”

Republican rebranding not catching on
75Etaoin Shrdlu
6/04/13 4:03:06 pm
re: #62 Gus The Library of Congress has, freely available online, the National Child Labor Committee Collection of photographs, mostly taken by Lewis Hine from 1908 through 1924.

The National Review Cover That Speaks Volumes About Movement Conservatives

Still fighting the Civil War
6/06/13 9:33:33 pm
Its funny. When my wife and I visited the National Museum of American History in DC last summer, one exhibit contained examples of newspaper editorial and cartoon attacks on Lincoln by crazy secessionists and slaveholders. It was really creepy that ...

Full Video: President Obama Speaks at the Planned Parenthood Gala

Obama strongly supports women’s rights
195Obdicut (Now with 2% less brain)
4/27/13 4:58:24 pm
re: #193 ElCapitanAmerica I don't get what you mean by 'naturally', nor why it's an important distinction. You seem to be wildly conflating two very different arguments-- your'e saying that the late-term abortion is wrong because you consider the fetus ...

2012 GOP Platform: The Tea Party’s Necronomicon

Brimming with crazy
9/01/12 7:04:56 am
We had a political party go similarly bat-shit here in England in the 1980s - it was our Labour party, to the left. Their manifesto (the British equivalent of a platform) was described - by one of their own MPs ...

Texas GOP Releases Platform, Goes Full Wingnut

The Texas GOP is opposed to critical thinking
6/26/12 8:56:57 pm
Texas GOP platform recipe Serves: millions of idiots Prep time: A long weekend of committee meetings Ingredients The Book of Genesis The Book of Leviticus The Letters of Paul (except II Corinthians The Bible (except all the liberal parts) John ...

Daily Caller: ‘There Should Be Humiliation and Pain in Government Assistance’

Giant wingnut sighted, proceed with caution
306Sir John Barron
2/29/12 7:52:57 am
True. It would be more independent of these people to rob a store or burgularize a house or two to get their food.// Does the Daily Caller also understand that people who work, taxpayers that is, are eligible for Food ...