Dumbest Man on Internet Falls for Long-Debunked Fake, Doubles Down

Deserving of the title
418Reality Based Steve
1/25/14 1:06:22 pm
re: #397 CuriousLurker Sounds like you took a trip into, if not the "Uncanny Valley", then you were in the same region. (and yes, it threw me for a minute too, I was thinking it was a prosthetic leg). RBS ...

This stupid, obviously faked “foreign student ID card” for Barack Obama has been debunked for years, but continues to circulate in the Birther dungeons of the far right — and no dungeon is deeper, darker, or dumber than the place where Mr. Jim Hoft hangs his very small hat: Making …

Dumbest Man on Internet Has New Bombshell Scoop: New Year’s Eve Photo-Gate!

Jim Hoft continues his groundbreaking work
1/04/13 9:52:29 am
re: #13 HappyWarrior It is actually not about anything other than talking down a positive / good picture by Obama. This is done on purpose for 2 reasons, to keep the base from getting any positive feelings from such images ...