Facepalm of the Day: Rand Paul Is “The Closest Thing Republicans Have to Al Sharpton or Jesse Jackson”

10/10/14 9:57:41 pm
Rand Paul is just like all of the other GOPTPers when it comes to Black Americans. He underestimates our intelligence and has no idea how knowledgeable we are about politics and politicians. He thinks we blacks will vote for him ...

I’m resigned to the mainstream media promoting crazy fringe libertarians and refusing to call them out on their craziness, but this Washington Post article on Rand Paul’s trip to Ferguson, Missouri, to cash in on the situation by appearing to “reach out” to the black community, is our facepalm …

Rand Paul: “Let’s Trade 5 Democrats to the Taliban”

Great moments in Republican rebranding, continued
6/06/14 7:32:27 pm
re: #383 jaunte As much as anything else, this is why Paul probably won't even get the nod, and has little chance at winning the general. He's a tone deaf douchebag who tweets and says stupid shit all the time. ...

Lolwut: Rick Santorum Says Rand Paul Is Allied With Barack Obama

Not a smart man
3/22/14 4:36:55 pm
I like his logic - you are not a friend of america unless you hate the gays, force women to submit, want big government theocracy, and love to make war. Loving making war is great. moar war love making. less ...

Your Hilariously Off-Key GOP Millennial Pandering Moment of the Day

E for effort
437Obdicut (Now with 2% less brain)
3/21/14 1:14:44 pm
re: #436 Political Atheist Yeah, that's what a rumor is. ...and? If you have to use those disclaimers, you shouldn't be saying it at all. You should always take that approach, you should always hold yourself to a better standard, ...

GOP Rebranding Watch: S. Dakota Lawmaker Says It Should Be Legal to Deny Service to “Blacks”

Evangelical bigotry
226Romantic Heretic
3/17/14 3:05:11 pm
re: #169 Dark_Falcon Looks like we're going to be seeing something along this line soon. Damn it! Sigh. We managed to make almost three generations without another big war. Let's try for a century next time.

GOP Rebranding Watch: Paul Ryan Walks Back His Thinly Veiled Race-Baiting

3/13/14 1:44:57 pm
re: #177 Targetpractice It was a very tight race, neither candidate mentioned Obamacare in any of their ads, and it's been a Republican district for decades.

The Ineffable Allen West: Democrats Try to Win Women’s Votes by ‘Talking From the Waist Down’

Another great moment in Republican rebranding
1/27/14 6:29:27 pm
re: #237 Killgore Trout Gulls have been amazing adapters since long before civilization. Some of them breed in the deep desert. They were already foraging into Utah when the Mormons arrived, with extant populations along the GSL, documented in the ...

Mike Huckabee Says Women Use Birth Control Because They “Cannot Control Their Libido”

What right wing war on women?
1/23/14 6:50:58 pm
re: #341 Dark_Falcon I respectfully submit you may want to ponder why this is so on this topic, as well as others. A meta-discussion, not necessarily about the topic at hand, but the fact that you seem to have several ...

Ohio GOP Politician Sends Incredibly Racist Email, Not Sorry

What right wing racism?
1/14/14 10:33:16 am
What I think is funny about this, especially with all of the flaming turdballs that are flying, everywhere, as Republicans spin to put the glaring racism of their party back on the opposition: they just don't seem to comprehend that ...

Texas GOP Education Board Candidate: “We Know We Didn’t Come From Monkeys!”

And mah granddaddy didn’t come from no monkey neither!
1/10/14 7:56:23 am
re: #383 Gus Well, honestly what kind of thesis would you start out with? "I believe if we shut down these swollen lanes of constantly-flowing cars, shit will get all fucked-up right around heah." I wonder if Christie works with ...

Washington Times Columnist: The GOP Should Campaign on Creationism

Rebranding as cavemen
1/07/14 9:49:38 am
It's curious that these hateful jerks who deny evolution turn around and post repulsive caricatures that suggest that African-Americans closely resemble apes because of their their African origins. Disgusting and soooooo stupid! Can't they recognize the inconsistency?