Palin Goes Birther At Last

You knew this day was coming
4/11/11 5:35:24 am
re: #2 SanFranciscoZionist Remember: These 'people', like most conspiracy theorists, have nothing. "$2 Million"??? They got that number out of thin air...

Sarah Palin stops pretending and goes full-on Birther. Wouldn’t want to be shown up by Donald Trump. Video

Sarah Palin Wonders If We’re in a ‘Squirmish’

Half-governor mangles English language yet again
3/31/11 7:34:34 pm
What's more frightening, a private citizen referring to Obama's Libya war as a "squirmish" during a television interview, or the Obama Administration referring to it as "kinetic military action," initiated without Congressional approval?

Sarah Palin on Why McCain-Palin Lost in 2008: ‘I Wasn’t at the Top of the Ticket’

Palin would’ve won there, you betcha
3/20/11 3:16:01 pm
re: #9 elizajane Well, yes, but Bush was a much bigger reason because he'd actually served as president for eight years. (I almost typed twelve years, but it just FELT like twelve years.) For Palin to cause the amount of ...